Monday, August 17, 2009

vintage fashion, retro dreams

Vintage fashion has become a new interest for me. Probably it always has been, but I really started studying up on it this past few years. I think what I love about the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s is that there was no doubt that you were a woman by what you wore. The sillouettes were soft and accented the waist and there was no trying to show off anything inappropriate. If that makes me old fashioned oh well! Anyway in one of the books I read on 50s fashion I saw a dress that had the top of patterned fabric and the A-line skirt from plain. Then when I browsed through Anthropologie (Favorite store in the whole world, but too expensive!) I got the idea to do a contrast belt. So heres my retro creation, with a modern twist. I know when I wear it I will feel like a true lady and I love that feeling.


  1. wow you are so creative I wish wish wish I could sew..I am not patient enough I think:) I love your bag you made you could make some really cute diaper bags.

  2. This outfit is really cool! I agree with sharla i to wish i could sew but it really is the patience thing! lol

  3. Karen, I love all retro/vintage stuff! Wish I could sew I am bigger and thrifty finds are hard to find for big women!!
    I settle my needs by looking/searching for linens and such that have a 40's flair! Love it!! So glad to know that it "runs in the family"!


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