Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I found my granny shoes!

The other day I was remembering back about 15 years to a pair of shoes I had bought and worn for church. They reminded me of some of the vintage shoes I've seen on line and I thought "why did I get rid of them?" Although at the time I owned them they were not something your average young lady would wear! Then on Monday I was digging around in the dress up box that I keep for entertaining kids who visit and THERE were my granny shoes! Lookin' just as vintage as I remembered and suitably aged:) So guess what? They're back in my closet..hows that for thrift shopping and finding a bargain! Also in the bin I found a hat I had bought for a 4oth birthday party...I put it on and asked my boys "Didn't they wish women still wore hats like in the past?" and you should've seen the look on their faces!! I guess I won't cause any embarrassment to my family and wear THIS to church..but I just might wear my granny shoes!


  1. Too funny!! lol I can just imagine thier faces!

  2. I had a pair just like that Karen! Why oh why indeed did I get rid of them? I love hats time I got brave and wore one to a wedding..I never did again...I guess I just felt outta myself..but I am glad I tried! lol


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