Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bo Peep Skirt

I happened to find this pattern called the "BoPeep Skirt" in a sewing book from the Library.

I also "happened" to have a whole array of small bits of fabric I had purchased to make a bag. So Brielle got a skirt instead! It is a simple pattern to fit any age as you simply go off the childs waist measurement and cut rectangles accordingly.

For the top, I simply purchased a white long sleeve shirt from Target and sewed a ruffle down the center and added buttons. With brown leggings it makes a fun look.

Of course it is virtually impossible to get a good pic of this fast moving grand baby and she wants my camera as soon as she sees it and makes a bee line for me, so I have to move fast!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Oh Yeah!!

A red Vespa? PLEASE can I have it!? I can just picture my self whizzing around town with the wind in my face and the sun on my skin. Oh thats right, I live in Washington, it would be more like the RAIN on my skin! Its fun to dream though...

7 random things

Thank you Stephanie at The Whispering Creek House Blog for wanting to know more about me and Congrats on your award!

7 Random things about me

1. I learned to sew in Home Ec at Battlegound High. The first project I did my teacher cautioned me that I did things a little too quickly and should be more detail oriented. Guess what? I still sew a little too quickly and have to rip things out many times:(
2. Once when I was pregnant I sat in bed and ate a whole box of Sees truffles! Not a good idea, but it goes to show how much I love chocolate.
3. Almost every time my husband goes out of town I redecorate or remix something in my house. So once when I was gone he moved the piano upstairs, changed the whole living room arrangement and bought a new nook table!
4. My life long dream is to go to England and stay in a country cottage for a month.
5. I keep a notebook with pictures I've clipped out of catalogs and magazines with outfit ideas so when I don't know what to wear I look through that to get inspired.
6. When I can't fall asleep at night I picture in my mind a bare house or cottage or farmhouse and starting with the front entry I "buy" things and "decorate" it room by room in my mind until I fall asleep. And WOW have I come up with some great combos! Too bad in the morning I can't remember any of it!
7.I read approximately 2-3 books a week, depending on the time of year.

Hey that was kind of fun! I hope I find some things out like that about all my fellow bloggers.

Adding to Padding

I found out a great way to make a plain bulletin board look really great!

I bought a simple cork bulletin board with a wooden frame. I covered the cork with fabric, and then when I found a slightly chipped silvery frame in our garage sale stuff I just hung that over the top to cover the plain wood frame. Voila! A stunning addition to my craft room and a place to pin my inspiration ideas.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

In My Room

Welcome to my craft room! This is MY place, where I get creative and feel happiest...

The decor in here is not like the rest of my house at all, this is feminine and messy and cluttered and country shabby! Its always funny to see my sons or husband pause at the doorway to ask me something or chat, because they rarely cross the threshold...Moms room...kind of too much girl stuff!

When I painted the walls with a yellow green it was a little too bright so I took creme colored paint on a rag and blended it down the corners and across the top so it has the appearance of being like old plaster. The curtains and chair cover have torn edges, not hemmed and I used

a selection of fabrics that you wouldn't think would all go together.

And heres the silly part...I love dolls! Most of my collection is from Goodwill, garage sales etc. and some of them are just plain cute, not expensive at all. I think I'll keep them until Brielle wants to have them for her room someday.

I am so lucky to have a place where I can leave my unfinished projects out and just shut the door so when I get a whim or a spare hour I can go in and work on it just the way I left it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to an old Singer

What can you say about a machine that has faithfully served you for 25 years? You can't really blame it if it can't sew button holes anymore and there are no zipper feet available that fit. It is middle aged and probably suffers from hot flashes and night sweats too! But when Tess said to me one day "Mom, are you pretty attached to your sewing machine? Or have you ever thought about getting a new one?" I had to gulp back indignation as I replied "oh I'd love to get a new one, I just don't know what to get!" because it has served me for all these years without complaining and (secret) I've NEVER had it cleaned or serviced!!

So any suggestions on what brand to look at? I overheard the clerk at a fabric store tell a customer "whatever you do, don't buy a Singer!" and I spun around in astonishment....has the Singer brand gone to the dogs in 25 years? I don't want to buy some computer machine that you look at and it starts lecturing on how to sew a hem! I just want a good machine updated to this new era that will last another 25 years ...any ideas bloggers?

Follow the Sun

I want to be like the Sunflower...they begin their day with heads the sun rises they turn their faces and follow the sun as it makes its way across the sky.
When the day has ended and the sun has gone for the night again they bow their heads.

"Lord, may I begin and end each day with my head bowed in prayer and as the day goes by may I always keep my face lifted to You as I follow the Son."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Princess clothes

I finally finished my grandaughter's outfit for our family pictures this fall!

This was a little more work than anything else I've made and when you're making something this tiny it's almost like making doll clothes! Plus I had cut up a skirt of mine that got too
small:( for the dress and I had a lot of trouble getting it to do what I had in mind for a baby dress with lots of ruffles. Then when I was excitedly trying to put it on her I realized she is so little that the darn coat is actually too big! Plus she was so grumpy at me for trying clothes on her and kept scowling at me and pulling at it to try to take it off:)

Also She HATES the hat!!!
She liked the ball fringe on her pants tho!
Gotta love a little princess with a mind of her own and more facial expressions than I can conjure up!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Joy in Sadness

It was kind of funny how when we got the news about Nate Wouri that all of us wanted to hold Brielle...there is something about a baby that comforts and brings joy when you feel sad. I think it reminds us of the fact that God gives life and takes it away and also she was the only one who wasn't affected by the tragedy, because she doesn't understand yet. Like my daughter Shana said "I want to be a baby again so life doesn't hurt so much" and we all agreed. Thank you, Lord for giving us this baby to love!

Not for us to Know

Life seems so foolish and mundane when there has been a tragedy...Why did God choose to take a young man of 24 home to be with him? and Why did it take a train to send him heavenward? Not for us to know. What will life bring each of us in the years ahead? Will my children live to old age or will they get to Jesus before I do? Not for us to know. I get so excited some times when I think of Jesus returning either just for me or for us all, but WHEN, Lord? Not for us to know. But I know Who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand. Thats enough for us to know.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Remembering Jani

35 years ago today my little sister died

About Grief

What does God think
when a seven year old sister
steps off unfamiliar sidewalks
and steps into Heaven?
Are there tears in Heaven?
No. not crying, not death
when you're seven in Heaven.

What does God think when
an eleven year old sister
forgets to hold her hand to walk
and she crosses into Heaven?
Is there pain in Heaven?
No, not mourning, not there,
But I'm here, not in Heaven.

What does God think when
the older, crying sister
goes home to a bedroom alone,
but she's home in Heaven?
Are there lights in Heaven?
No, not a moon, not sun
But God and the Lamb are in Heaven.

What Does God say to these little sisters
who went their seperate ways,
to meet again in Heaven?
The gate never shuts in Heaven
There's not a church, no night,
just glory and jewels and us
together in Heaven!

written with love by her sister Karen , who can't wait to meet her at the Gate someday!
June 2008

Indian Summer

Did you ever wonder why this time of year is called "Indian Summer"? I looked it up and found out that it references back to colonial America and is probably called that because the Native Americans did their summer harvest at this time of year and also quit raiding and started getting ready for winter so the Colonists had a break, a "summer" from worry about that!

Anyway I've been quoting Laura Ingalls Wilder to myself when I have to get up at 5:30 am to get my son off to school "theres not a loss without some small gain" because I've been losing a few hours of sleep but getting to see the most gorgeous sunsets! Enjoy this beautiful day:)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Where, Oh Where did my baby go?

My Youngest on his First day of High School

Where did that Baby go who I rocked in the night when he was colicky?
Where did the Toddler go who got up in the middle of the night and pulled his dresser drawers out on the floor?
Where did the Little Boy go who would run and hug me tight after a day of Kindergarten?
Where did the Boy go who took his "Beary" with him every where?
He's a Young Man now Mommy...let him go to make his way in the world...Please, God, go with him every step of the way!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grandmas Helper

I just LOVE being a Grandma! When I am trying to Blog my princess is "helping" and its so cute, not frustrating like it was when I was 20 with 2 little ones!
My little helper is looking through my patterns and picking out the ones she wants me to sew!
Even this kind of a mess is so funny when you are a Grandma! I am so blessed to be able to have her here every day...I can't thank God enough!
To all you young Moms out there...try to enjoy these moments now, with your own goes so fast and they are SO precious...I have a wise friend who said after her kids were all grown up that the only regret she had was not spending more time playing with her kids and just letting the work go.

Family in Sisters

Labor Day weekend 2009
My favorite people in the whole world! But a Mom always misses the ones who aren't there. the 2 sons who stayed home...
My favorite coffee shop in Sisters OR. They always play Christian music, have Bible verses on the wall and a carved picture of Jesus on the cross. Also great coffee and atmosphere! Last Hurrah to Summer:(

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Esthers Store

On Bainbridge Island I found this little store tucked back off the main avenue. This store was opened in 1959 by the original Esther. So they are celebrating 50 years of business.
In this window display are pictures of each consecutive owner, the "Esther" of that era. Wouldn't it be interesting to ask them all how style has changed in the fabric field? They also have contests several times a year to "dress Esther" the line drawing lady on the background. How fun! I wish I lived there so I could give that a try.

This seemed like such a great way to advertise...little squares of fabric attached with clothes pins, maybe I'm just a fabric nut but it sure got me into the store!

How can you not love a store with A Button Wall?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage stuff

At Pikes Place Antiques, I spent a glorious few hours scouring through all the vignettes, especially the ones with vintage fashion. I finally happened upon a French Fashion Magazine
"Le Petit Echo de la Mode" from April 1948! This was something I could afford and I bought it to frame some of the drawings for my craft room....
Also found an antique brooch , some tags and then in a tea shop found some bush tea, per "No. 1 Ladies Detctive Agency " series of books I love. Good stuff, treaures that cost a little but are so fun to hunt for...the hunt is really the best part!

Tale of a City Guy and a Country Girl

Once upon a time there was a City Guy who drove into downtown Minneaplois for work every day and so he learned to love and appreciate city life. At the same time there was a Country Girl growing up in Hockinson WA who climbed trees, picked berries and never drove anywhere but country back roads if she could help it. They met in 1980 and were married 28 years ago on August 28, 1981!
Now, the City Guy loves to go to downtown Seattle for their anniversaries...he enjoys the hustle and bustle of the cars and people, the great coffee, the wonderful food, the high rise buildings...And the shopping (Yes! a man who loves to shop).

The Country girl feels a little nervous downtown...there sure are some crazy people and it sure is noisy and the sunlight is blocked by the big buildings and the air is steamy with the city sounds and smells. Pike Place Market is fun and the Antique store there is a favorite...but...They've been married a long time and have learned a little about takes a lot to make this marriage work! So they take the ferry across to Bainbridge Island for the day.

The Country Girl can breathe again, she lets her lungs fill with the sweet sea air. The boats bob gently at the moorings, the quaint shops are quiet and friendly.Ahh...its the country life, the small town feel and it makes her free and happy.

The City Guy and the Country Girl congratulate each other every anniversary for making it another year...not all of their friends did...and they had to persevere through some tough days. But they trust a God who is able to take 2 diverse people and work in them so they can say with honest hearts "I Love You Still..."