Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Projects for 2 houses

Because both me and my older son
are moving in the next month
there are a lot of projects going on
in my garage!
 This is actually a golf bag stand
which I painted and made into a 
project/garage organizer. I had been
looking for some idea to keep my 
silk flowers out of the way until I use 
them at different times of year
and this works great!
 Below is a bulletin board that I made into 
a portable place for the grands to play cars
and trains, it can be tucked into the side of
the play area and not take up too much room.
 The stools below are for my sons house,
the ones I painted had white legs...
 This is what they look like now!
He is going for a rustic modern feel
and I get to do the decor:) so fun~~

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Redone Chair

There were 2 of these chairs
which sat in upstairs rooms at
my folks home. 
When we emptied their house they came to me.
 Below is the new look.
 For some reason I had the stain bleed
through the chalk paint which
has never happened before...strange!
So some of the areas had a faint pink tinge:)
Also finally got the last cart from my garage
lined and into
the shop where it sold promptly.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doll House Upcycle

This Fisher Price doll house was the best
garage sale purchase I have made
 for my grand kids. 
They play with it every time
they come over.
It is a typical hard plastic.
Because I am a person who likes things to
"go together" I decided to give it a little make over
so it will match the kids play nook I am
going to have in my new place.
I wonder what my grand daughter will have to say
about it however? 
She may not be very happy that I got rid of the pink!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Memorabilia in Use

I've been focused on thinking of ways to keep
my new little house more organized.
(I will be moving in a month)
It is exactly the same floor plan 
as the house I've been renting for 1 1/2 years
 so I should know what works and
what doesn't!
So for my stamps, bills, pens etc I used a 
wooden box with a handle I had in my garage.
The inside has all kinds of sizes of compartments too.
On top with Mod Podge, I used a water color
I did a few years back, vintage pattern figures
from my moms stash, a postcard written by
my mom to me and some fun papers etc.

 The file box below will store all my files
so I can eliminate a desk and save space.
This also has vintage pattern figures as embellishment.
I may add some type of lettering later.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


"February is the uncertain month,
 neither black or white 
but all shades between by turns.
 Nothing is sure...
Each year is new and strange in February.
 It's promises, if any, are like
 shadow pictures on the wall;
one cannot grasp and hold to them;
 blow out the light and 
they are no longer there."

Gladys Hasty Carroll

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Literary Walk #15

 I had to retrace my steps a bit on this one,
as I mistakenly thought this area was 
further north, so back to south England
I went!

18 miles
 A walk around Kent 
 with Frances Hodgsen Burnett

 The picture above is of Great Maythem Hall,
the "real" Misselthwaite Manor of
the Secret Garden, where Frances H B
lived while she wrote the book.
These are pictures of the gardens there...
Favorite Book
I don't remember how young I was when I first
encountered the cross little Mary of this book.
I believe my Mom read it aloud the first time,
so I must've been quite young as I began reading
for myself at 5.
No matter, it had a profound impact on my life
and reading it again was just as wonderful
now that I am older. I have probably read it
at least 20 times and it's magic
never gets stale.

Favorite Quote
"The seeds Dickon and Mary had planted 
grew as if fairies had tended them.
Satiny poppies of all tints danced in the breeze by the score,
gaily defying flowers who had lived in the garden for years
and which it might be confessed seemed rather to wonder how
such new people had got there.
And the roses--- the roses! Rising out of the grass,
tangled around the sundial
wreathing the tree trunks and hanging from their branches,
climbing up the walls and spreading over them
with long garlands falling in cascades---
they came alive day by day, hour by hour
fair fresh leaves and buds--- and buds---
tiny at first but swelling and working Magic
until they burst and uncurled in cups of scent
delicately spilling themselves over their brims
and filling the garden air."

Also on a serendipitous note, a dear old
lady passed away this past week who once
told us that her most favorite book
was this one...that was my first thought
when I remembered her life.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Wonderland Party

This was the 2nd party I did the decor for.
It was for a non-profit Avonlea Acres 

 winter wonderland theme

The curly willow was cut from my good friend Renee's
back yard and then painted white and teal.
I attached small photos on the branches of
all the former and current residents.