Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Peace like a River

One summer day I spent getting some rest and relaxation by the river. Give me a river rushing by and I can let all my worries and cares float away with the water. I think it must be that "peace like a river" that God talks about. A river doesn't try to change its pathway or go backwards or try to be a waterfall if its a stream. It just flows...thats how we are supposed to be...just live and let God direct our path. I brought along my water colors, a delish picnic, my camera, books, Bible and journal. There I stayed, lounging about on my pillows and blanket, gazing up into the trees and listening to the water rush by. When I felt like getting up and painting or taking photos I did, and the food tasted like ambrosia when eaten slowly and savored with the atmosphere. I tried to make it a day of true beauty, from the picnic basket I used to the wild flowers I picked to decorate my table. Sometimes I think in our modern fast paced world we just don't take enough time for beauty and rest. I'm going to make this an annual event!

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