Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasure Hunting

I like the idea of Treasure hunting...
Mostly because it means that you
don't actually have to buy anything!
And in this economy thats a good I just like to browse in
second hand stores, junk stores,
antique stores and Ross and Tuesday
Morning:) Most of the time I feel very
relaxed and peaceful...unless I have a specific thing to look for...but
when you treasure hunt you really shouldn't have a pre-conceived
idea of what you might find. I just love when the prop./owners have
put together pleasing vignettes so you can picture what it might look
like in your own home or closet. Today I didn't find anything I had to
have but it was still a good way to spend a cloudy August morning!


  1. :) My sister lily and I did that yesterday afternoon- had a ton of fun found some cool stuff too!

  2. oh it is sooo fun! I tired to leave a comment on the post that showed you on a picnic but it wouldn't let me! but i was going to say..that looks like a great time where do you go by yourself like that? i get scared to go alone but it is totally my thing! i would love to go and journal and doodle and read...looked like a really restful time!


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