Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sewing for Two

For Christmas this year I got some ideas
for sewing for My Grand kids-
Boy and Girl.
I wanted them to coordinate,
but still look girly and boyish.
However the jury is still out on the jammies
and purple outfit for Pierce...His Daddy isn't sure
if they are quite "manly" enough!

 Then I came up with some ideas just for the little man...

What do you think?


  1. Good Morning! I especially like the sage green (?color) outfits because they have a bit of that vintage look I am so enamored with. The ties are way cute! Wonderful creativity and neat work. Marcella

  2. so cute I especially love the grey and cream coordinated outfits:)

  3. I like the 3rd set best! And "not manly enough" sounds strangely familiar!

  4. Love them ALL Karen. You are way TOO creative ... wish I inherited that gene !!!

  5. Just darling!!! And love the purple, the corduroy adds a perfect lil' boy touch & the sewn on tie idea is so cute. Makes it dressy while being super comfy. Also LOVE the vintage looking outfits. ~Grace


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