Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

It was just us 3 home for
Christmas Eve this year...
But I wanted it to feel special anyway,
so I put out a little spread
using wrapping paper as a table cover
and pretty dishes.
Just thought this free printable from
one artsy mama 
was so lovely and went with the blue theme.
 so it was in a frame on the table too.

 Resting for a few winks before more prep
for Christmas Day!
 And the best part of every year...
I highly recommend this movie,
it makes me cry every year.
Mary and Joseph were just very ordinary people
that were asked to believe and be obedient
to something they did not understand, because
they trusted God.
I also like that it gives us a glimpse into
Joseph and his part in Jesus life
without embellishing too much.
The greatest Story ever told...


  1. You do the most beautiful spreads ... Love you and Merry Christmas ! Faith

  2. The food looks delicious. Love the picture of you on the floor:)

  3. It all looks so yummy!! Love the snoozin' photo! :-) ~Grace


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