Thursday, December 1, 2011

3rd Birthday Prep

I've been working on the Party Planning
for Brielle's 3rd Birthday.
Today was the final prep day
before the party.
 New hat !
 Birthday invites.
All the printables you see are from a 
downloadable party set I purchased
 My trusty Cricut has been cutting steadily for days...
crowns, circles, signs etc.
One fun and easy thing we made was
marshmallow pops. 
You melt the candy chips,
dip the marshmallow in it,  coat with 
your choice of sprinkles, then
 insert a lollipop stick. 
(The finished product will
be seen in a later post.)
I also made a dress for Brielle
. Because she always says the clothes I make her are "ouchy"
I used flannel instead of cotton this time
and hope she can be persuaded to 
wear it!


  1. Looks like it will be a great party!! Cute dress - hope she'll wear it! The marshmallow pops sound fun. I might have to try making them.

  2. just got back from Brielle's party. It was soo cute! My kids loved the marshmallow pops:)


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