Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Fave Color Combo

I never thought I would like gray and yellow
as a color combo, but after 
seeing it used here and there in bedding 
and decor I decided I like it a lot.
This is a tunic I made...
 And this is an outfit I thrifted, including
the jeans:)
My only problem is not to go overboard
and then get sick of it and have to empty
my closet AGAIN!

I think I might try it in my laundry which is already 
painted a soft yellow, so just adding
some white and gray might freshen it up.
 I never seem to be done in that room
so I might as well like it!


  1. It looks really cute on you - you seem to always do such a good job thrifting . . .:)

  2. I also love this color combo {and sometimes also including a teal} or yellow & black:) Also love the outfits you made for the grand kids!!

  3. I'm beginning to really like that combo, too! I just haven't gotten any yellow to add to my wardrobe:)

  4. The more I see gray and yellow decor the more I like it! Too bad I don't have a house to decorate!


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