Monday, December 19, 2011

Pittock Mansion 2011

I made my annual drive out
to the lovely misty hills of Portland
to the Pittock Mansion
which is yearly decorated for Christimas.
 This year the theme was
"Christmas Around the World"
Each room was set up with typical 
decor and ideas for that country.
I found it to be very interesting how many countries 
do not give gifts until Jan 6, 
which is related to Epiphany,
when the wise men came,
and not for Christmas.
 I think it would be an excellent year to take
children and let them hear and see
how other countries do things 
at this season.
As Americans we often think that
everyone else does things as we do, but if
you think about it we are a very "young"
country and our traditions are 
quite new:)
The Pittock Mansion is still decorated
into the new year so if you have time...
It's worth the drive.

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