Thursday, December 15, 2011

It's My Party!

Finally got the pictures up for 
the Party that happened earlier
this month:)
I have to say that my whole idea
and printables came from
Sweet Scarlet Designs

 This little guy was not in the mood to be a
prince or wear a crown!
It was a super easy way to put together a
party and I highly recommend doing
a downloadable one...


  1. That is absolutely adorable! Love it!

  2. Hi Karen. Thanks so much for letting me know you had posted these photos. Your party looks adorable! You did an amazing job! You've been so creative with the patterned papers. I'm glad it all worked so well and you created some nice memories for your family!

    Is it OK if I add some of your images to my Facebook page? I will link them back to your blog & credit you of course.


  3. So very cute - the party looks like so much fun!!

  4. You are always so creative. The marshmallow pops are such a cute, easy and fun idea. I think I'd love to be a grandchild of yours! Marcella

  5. We had such a good time at Brielles party! Thanx for all the effort you put into it:)


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