Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Open House

It is a dark and bitterly cold winter night.
You are pregnant, alone and with no place
to lay down and sleep in the warmth
of home or family...
where can you go?
who will open the doors to a girl like you?
Does this sound like a familiar story?
Perhaps from the 2nd chapter of Luke?
Actually it is the story of many
frightened girls in Clark County!
There are places for girls to go who are under 18
but no beds anywhere long term for 
a homeless woman who is pregnant over 18...
Except Avonlea Acres
My dear friend and her husband have been
called into this ministry for several years
and now the Lord has opened to them 
a 6 bedroom home with separate living quarters
for the house parents. 
And that's the privilege we had this week-to decorate
this home for a Christmas Open House.

If you are interested in stopping by the 
Open House is from 1-6 this Sunday.
Please see the website for contact info
as the address cannot be posted for safety reasons.

Even giving $5 a month gives a girl a chance 
at a new life, to know Christ, to learn
parenting skills, go to school, 
to start to believe they are
worth something...
AND to save the life of a little child.


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by our tour! That ministry sounds like a wonderful thing. Many Chirstmas blessings!

  2. Thanks for the comment:) This will be the 4th time for us being pregnant together, but it has been 8yr since the last time. So this is fun!!

    Great job on the Cmas decor. What a neat place!!


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