Sunday, February 28, 2010

God invented Green

I remembered as this first week of the green color challenge started off that I have a CD of a song called "The Color Green" by Rich Mullins. In the book "An Arrow Pointing to Heaven" by James Bryan Smith, which is the story of Rich Mullins' short but powerful life, there is a segment about this song.
"Rich surmised that God must have, at some point, invented green. This creates a whole new vision of the person of God. God is not cold, and His work is not mundane. God is burning with passion and energy and creativity. Jesus said that God does more than make the grasses in the fields; He clothes them (Matt 6:29). He dresses the grass and the lilies, and no modern fashion designer can come close to matching their beauty. This is because the colors of nature are perfect."

The Color Green

by Rich Mullins

And the moon is a sliver of silver

like the shaving that fell on the floor

of a Carpenter's shop

and every house must have

it's builder

and I awoke in the house of God

where the windows are mornings

and evenings

stretched from the sun, across the

sky north to south

and on my way to early meeting, I

heard the rocks crying out...,I

heard the rocks crying out


Be praised for all Your tenderness

by these works of Your hands

Suns that rise and rains that fall to

bless and bring life to Your land

look down upon this winter wheat

and be glad that You have made

Blue for the sky and the color

green that fills Your fields

with praise

And the wrens have returned and

are nesting

in the hollow of that oak where his

heart once had been

and he lifts up his arms in

a blessing for being born again

and the streams are all swollen

with winter

winter unfrozen and free to run

away now

and I'm amazed, and I remember

Who it was that built this house

and with the rocks I cry out

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