Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Blog Rant

Good Morning Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

I have some thoughts I'd like to share...several of the blogs I follow or check frequently have had posts about some incredibly negative comments that people have left and it has made these bloggers feel so small and worthless. I am just appalled that anyone would take the time to leave a comment that would hurt someone that they don't even know! I feel like we are put on this earth to make others lives better, to encourage, to lift up, to boost them to a place to peace and beauty. When I leave a comment I think about what would make that blogger feel proud of what they are sharing with the world. It is just one more place to encourage and stregthen our friends whether we know them personally or not! Blogging has blessed me so much and I feel like God has shown me how incredibly creative His people are, whether they know Him or not, which just goes to show His love for the whole world...lets bless others...bring joy...leave a legacy of peace ...Thanks for listening!


  1. I totally agree..we need to encourage one another not bring others down! There is enough ugly in the world without becoming a part of it! well said Karen...

  2. Well said ! Thank you so much for letting me know you posted this. It's people like you that make Blogland and the regular world a better place :)


  3. Well here is a blessing for you nice lady!!

    You are my winner!!!! Yeah!! Yeah!!!! I am so glad you won (it was random), but I secretly was glad it was you!!

    Please email me your address: karen@hoida.net.
    I hope you enjoy the gifts.....
    Hugs & warm Wishes,
    Karen Eileen


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