Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saying I Love You without Words

Sometimes words aren't the best way to say "I love you". After reading Stephanies post at about the Love Language, "Gifts" I decided to make a bag for someone who I love very much but need to think of new ways to communicate with. I had these cute fabrics in my stash and I was able to finish this in one evening:) It's a library/book bag like I've made before so it has a special pouch that your library card goes in as well as inner pockets for cell phone and keys. The inside is lined with a heavy corduroy to keep it sturdy enough for a stack of books and the handle is triple -layered corduroy too.

Then I wrapped it up with some vintage touches and sent it on its way with a prayer.
Go little bag and be a blessing.....


  1. Thats gorgeous!!! LOVE that fabric flower! I'm sure it was well appreciated :)

  2. Im sure this sweet gesture will be well recieved! Love languages are such an amazing way to communicate and I think gifting is a very special way to support the one you love! Praying for a blessing for you and the one you love!

  3. Karen - that is adorable!!! (I can't wait to get it!!) ;) You've probly been wondering when I'll be "up and running" . . . well, I've had a change of mind/heart! Just alot of mixed feelings so if/when I proceed it will probly just be a personal diary type thing for me. Funny, maybe, I know . . . but . . . whatever!

  4. That is so cool! I want one!! Any chance you wanna make one to sell??


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