Monday, February 15, 2010

Pink Challenge #3

My pink challenge to use the color in an unusual way evolved out of a box of valentine chocolates. I used each half of the box, which was pink, in a different way. I had seen the idea for making paper candy in a scrapbooking magazine. Thats what I did for the top half.
The magazine had patterns but very small so I enlarged them to fit cupcake papers.

They look good enough to eat and were such fun to put together.

The use for the second half of the box came from some ideas I saw on Thanks for the great ideas Jane!

After papering the bottom with some velvet flocked paper I added cut outs from the vintage patterns I picked up last week. Then some ribbon and flowers and some pink tickets I've had for years.
I added flowers to the girls outfits to make them a little more 3D. My favorite girl is the quiet one in the background with the grey skirt, doesn't she look like the governess or teacher?

I just think these vintage patterns are so super sweet and I'm glad I found a way to showcase them. I'm not sure what to do with these now though? Save them for Feb 14, 2011 to give as gifts?!


  1. so sure something great will come of them! well done!

  2. thats really cool! LOVE those paper candies!! they look yummy enough to eat :)

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  5. it really was fun seeing our name in the mag..maybe someday far far away they will even do a article! lol have a great day!

  6. Adorable! Love those old patterns! Thanks for visiting my blog!


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