Thursday, February 11, 2010

Room Redo

I have an extra room, empty, sitting there, waiting to be used. Problem? Too many ideas! Should it be an office, guestroom, playroom or a combination of all 3? The desk is the only furniture in it and I would like to use it, but probably painted or something different.
The closet in here has all my extra decorating stuff as I decorate some areas seasonally, 4 times a year. So that is jammed full and has to be kept there for now. But if it was a play room I'd need it for toy storage etc.

This pic is a little fuzzy but does show the paint color the best. All "boy blue" so that will def have to be changed. I have extra paints I could look through and maybe use. I'd like to do it very cost effective and use what I already have as much as possible. I'll keep you updated on my progress. Do you have any thoughts on what I should use it for? Suggestions on how to change the desk? I'm really being drawn to the "farmhouse" look, and I love Pottery Barn, but I'm very eclectic in my style shabby chic might be cute too.


  1. Looks like FUN! Have you ever seen the Better After blog? You could probably get some neat ideas for the desk from there!

  2. I lots of times mix my own paint:) 1 time I put in so many different colors but it turned out really cool! Its actually 1 of my fav paint colors! Love the desk and Pottery barn farmhouse look! Maybe paint it white and distress it?? Or black:) looking forward to seeing what u do:)

  3. it would be so cool made into all three! or i think a storage romm with shelves lining the walls and all your decor just out and ready to use lined up on the shelving! then you could just go in and grab a display! so easy!

  4. wow! how fun to have a whole room as a blank slate :) i had the same thought as holly...don't be limited in the colors you have....try mixing them for more selection :)

    also, i think it can certainly be a multi- purposed room! keep the desk in there with maybe a tall lamp by it. i'd keep it painted a solid color.

    ikea's Expedit bookcases are a lot of bang for your buck and would allow for lots of toy/book storage. :)

    have fun!


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