Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thrifty Nifty #2

So here are my two special finds that I said I'd post on later...The jumper was a GW find, Ann Taylor Loft for $6 and fits like it was custom made for me. Theres more pink in it then shows in the pic so I can wear it with all my pink accessories and shirts.
This is my other great find, a vintage wooden interior suitcase that I found at the Uncovered Ruby. I cut some pages from a magazine several years ago with a craft idea that requires a vintage wooden suitcase of the right size. I have been looking for one ever since and here it is! This will be in one of my green color challenges next month, so watch for it!

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  1. Cute jumper..I think you would look cute in anything though! Oh, and thanks for the blog teeth were really impacted, maybe that is why it was so bad? I've known of quite a few pple with bad experiances, and some with no problems..not sure..:)


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