Friday, September 18, 2009

Princess clothes

I finally finished my grandaughter's outfit for our family pictures this fall!

This was a little more work than anything else I've made and when you're making something this tiny it's almost like making doll clothes! Plus I had cut up a skirt of mine that got too
small:( for the dress and I had a lot of trouble getting it to do what I had in mind for a baby dress with lots of ruffles. Then when I was excitedly trying to put it on her I realized she is so little that the darn coat is actually too big! Plus she was so grumpy at me for trying clothes on her and kept scowling at me and pulling at it to try to take it off:)

Also She HATES the hat!!!
She liked the ball fringe on her pants tho!
Gotta love a little princess with a mind of her own and more facial expressions than I can conjure up!


  1. O Karen If it was bigger I would take it off your hands! lol It is so beautiful! I have always loved these colors together! You did a wonderful job on it! I hope your sweet baby girl loves it in time!lol well done!

  2. Karen!!! how talented are you?!!! LOVE IT and you just make me want to go sew some lil girl clothes:D too bad i don't have one yet to spoil with handmade ruffles & frills!

  3. so cute!Brielle will look so cute in this...of course she always does Tessa has the cutest clothes for her:)


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