Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ode to an old Singer

What can you say about a machine that has faithfully served you for 25 years? You can't really blame it if it can't sew button holes anymore and there are no zipper feet available that fit. It is middle aged and probably suffers from hot flashes and night sweats too! But when Tess said to me one day "Mom, are you pretty attached to your sewing machine? Or have you ever thought about getting a new one?" I had to gulp back indignation as I replied "oh I'd love to get a new one, I just don't know what to get!" because it has served me for all these years without complaining and (secret) I've NEVER had it cleaned or serviced!!

So any suggestions on what brand to look at? I overheard the clerk at a fabric store tell a customer "whatever you do, don't buy a Singer!" and I spun around in astonishment....has the Singer brand gone to the dogs in 25 years? I don't want to buy some computer machine that you look at and it starts lecturing on how to sew a hem! I just want a good machine updated to this new era that will last another 25 years ...any ideas bloggers?


  1. Karen I just gave you an award! come check it out!

  2. it will be ok...LOL just grab the picture of the award and send to your pictures( right click and click on save to pictures) then go there and get the award and publish to your post..mention my blog and type out 7 random things about you and thats it! if you need more help let me know! It will be ok it just takes some practice..and this is how I learned to..i hardly know how to use my computer! lol i wanted you to meet more bloggers and so hopefully you will..If you are looking to blog about sewing you might want to mention you would like to get to know gals who sew etc..ok let me know if you need help!


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