Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grandmas Helper

I just LOVE being a Grandma! When I am trying to Blog my princess is "helping" and its so cute, not frustrating like it was when I was 20 with 2 little ones!
My little helper is looking through my patterns and picking out the ones she wants me to sew!
Even this kind of a mess is so funny when you are a Grandma! I am so blessed to be able to have her here every day...I can't thank God enough!
To all you young Moms out there...try to enjoy these moments now, with your own kids...it goes so fast and they are SO precious...I have a wise friend who said after her kids were all grown up that the only regret she had was not spending more time playing with her kids and just letting the work go.


  1. Karen she is so cute!
    I can tell you are so thrilled to have her "messing up" your patterns! I hope I am the same way!

  2. sooo cute grandma karen!!:) you are the kind of grandma everyone needs! makes me miss all the years my boys will miss with their grandma who was just like you.


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