Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bo Peep Skirt

I happened to find this pattern called the "BoPeep Skirt" in a sewing book from the Library.

I also "happened" to have a whole array of small bits of fabric I had purchased to make a bag. So Brielle got a skirt instead! It is a simple pattern to fit any age as you simply go off the childs waist measurement and cut rectangles accordingly.

For the top, I simply purchased a white long sleeve shirt from Target and sewed a ruffle down the center and added buttons. With brown leggings it makes a fun look.

Of course it is virtually impossible to get a good pic of this fast moving grand baby and she wants my camera as soon as she sees it and makes a bee line for me, so I have to move fast!


  1. Cute outfit! Of course baby is adorable too;)

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Please do tell what is the name of this book. I love to sew cute things for my baby girl and that is to die for! Your grand daughter is as cute as she can be too. LUUUURRRVE it


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