Thursday, September 24, 2009

In My Room

Welcome to my craft room! This is MY place, where I get creative and feel happiest...

The decor in here is not like the rest of my house at all, this is feminine and messy and cluttered and country shabby! Its always funny to see my sons or husband pause at the doorway to ask me something or chat, because they rarely cross the threshold...Moms room...kind of too much girl stuff!

When I painted the walls with a yellow green it was a little too bright so I took creme colored paint on a rag and blended it down the corners and across the top so it has the appearance of being like old plaster. The curtains and chair cover have torn edges, not hemmed and I used

a selection of fabrics that you wouldn't think would all go together.

And heres the silly part...I love dolls! Most of my collection is from Goodwill, garage sales etc. and some of them are just plain cute, not expensive at all. I think I'll keep them until Brielle wants to have them for her room someday.

I am so lucky to have a place where I can leave my unfinished projects out and just shut the door so when I get a whim or a spare hour I can go in and work on it just the way I left it!

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  1. oooo...i cannot wait someday to have my very own craft room!! i dream about it:D i have soo many plans & ideas for one! yours is very you:) love it:)


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