Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ready for the Sun

What started out as a fun idea ended up being kind of a pain...especially in my fingertips...
I wanted to make a coordinating beach outfit and bag.
I started with a plain raffia style bag that happened to have a waterproof inside that I bought for $2 awhile back. I made a large fabric rectangle to fit the inside with enough overlap so I could make a drawstring top. Then I wrapped the handle in fabric strips to make it more comfortable to carry, added flowers and black buttons from the dollar store (this is the part that mangled my fingertips as I had to hand sew through the waterproof inside, raffia, and flower!)

The cover-up is knee length and I added another layer of fabric to make the top higher in front. The drawstring in front makes it as loose or tight as I like. I was so pleased to find a high quality, modest suit and matching sunglasses too!
Now I just need a sunny beach, a good book and a lounge chair:)


  1. Very cool! Creativity just flows out of you!

  2. Cute! You are so crafty! I am pretty sure I saw your son at Walgreens yesterday! Is he in SC?

  3. very cute coverup! gets me so excited for summer!

  4. I took one look at him and there was no question whose son he was! Funny how sometimes you can just tell! I didn't recognize the girl he was with though. He certainly grew up! He was probably a small boy last time I seen him!

  5. No need to feel embarassed! You probably haven't seen me in forever, and I don't have my name on my blog. I am Mindy(Sarkela)Cooper. I am Bruce and Christine Sarkela's youngest.

  6. LOVE this!! that bag is just way too cute... its all perfect for a day at the lake :)


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