Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping My Sewing Room? Hmmm

I spent 3+ hours one evening last week shopping every store in the mall trying to find a dress for our church Easter program....didn't like anything...too low in front...too short in length...too young ...too bohemian...too expensive! So I came home discouraged and then remembered I had this blouse on my sewing table and the only thing it was missing was buttons. So I spent 5 minutes sewing on buttons and I wore it with a white cardigan and dark demin skirt with a teal belt around the waist and it was just what I wanted. Sometimes I wonder about myself and the time I waste because I don't believe that what I already have is good! (This pattern is Butterick 5464)


  1. adorable! still hoping you will have a clothing sale kids and adults;)!!!

  2. THAT is a cute shirt!! the outfit you put together sounds adorable..... :)

  3. I just discovered your blogsite and love it. Love your style.


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