Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shop My Closet #2

Here is a new idea to go with my love of dressing Nautical, add orange!

To get this look I shopped my closet again. I didn't have a striped navy and white scarf but when I was shortening a knit tunic I have I used the extra piece as the scarf and it looks great. Lots of women comment on how they love the coat but can't wear orange, I wear it and love it!


  1. Cuuute! :) I love orange but I never wear it...but I don't wear alot of color anyway I should really change that;)

  2. Love it..the orange is awesome!

  3. I have a really cute orange lightweight sweater that I bought because it was a great buy, but I'm afraid to wear it; it's so bold! This is a cute idea, maybe I will try it again:)

  4. very cute you inspire me to "shop my closet" more often:) I am a big fan of color I think most people can pull off any color but just dont dare to try maybe?


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