Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Challenge #3

When I found this vintage green swiss dot curtain valance in a thrift shop I knew right away that I would use it for my "unusual" green challenge.

I simply put elastic through the rod pocket to fit a little girl waist, sewed the two ends together,

And there you have a little girls ruffled skirt! I think it would need a little underskirt of white to look right, but would be so cute on a little girl whose mom loves vintage things. There's something about swiss dot that shouts "yester year".


  1. How cute!! I love this idea-you are soooo creative;)

  2. you are SO creatively TALENTED!! absolutely adorable!

  3. im in love! what size is it? i will buy it! lol really.

  4. I love ruffled skirts on little girls :) How creative to think of making a skirt out of a curtain!!


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