Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Peace like a River

One of my favorite things to do is spend a day
next to a river, just resting, reading, and contemplating.
Each time, I think about what God means
when He says "peace like a river".
To me it means that if there is a quiet place where the rushes
move gently, and the current is slow then the river 
goes along peacefully...
but if there are rapids and the water is being hurled 
over rocks and plunging down in swirling eddys
the river doesn't try to slow down.
It joyfully hurtles along, content and unafraid.
This is how we are encouraged to be...
if life is slow and peaceful, we shouldn't long
for excitement and change...
if troubles swirl around us and we are being 
swept over rapids then we ought to just 
hang on tight and yield to His power.
That is how we will have peace like a river...

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  1. So true . . . thanks for the encouragement. . . I needed that right now:)


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