Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outdoors Room

 I'm joining up with the Thursday Link Party @
 I love to have a place to relax and read outdoors
during the short summers we have.
This is the covered area of our house,
on the back patio, before...
 I had these curtains in my cupboard
that I had gotten from a garage sale. 
They were a little short but with 
the rope tied around them and the posts they are fine.
 I revamped the lantern with rope too, added pots
of flowers, and using an idea from Pottery Barn,
I took 4 lanterns and hung them from rope 
as an outdoor "chandelier".
I also had this canvas in the attic so I hung
that above the "sofa", and with new
pillows and arrangement of furniture it
looks like a brand new, cozy outdoor room!

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