Monday, June 13, 2011

Finished Playroom

 The picnic table is from Joann and the other
items are thrift shop buys.
 I will add frames with pics to the tree as more
grand kids join the family.
 Craft supplies in a high cupboard with
chalkboard labels so they can be
changed as needed.
 I found this cube shelf at a thrift store
and just added baskets with labels
(from Ross), chairs and a rug
for a reading area.
 A place to do crafts and art work.
The table is from Ikea, the chair was
thrifted and the sign is from the clearance
at Ross.
Because there is a walk in closet I
can hang up all the dress up clothes
and have room for lots more storage as
the grand kids grow into new forms 
of entertainment.


  1. How awesome Karen!! I'm working on my upstairs playroom right now too. Your room looks so cute! I love the idea of adding frames to the tree :)

  2. Very cute!! I love all the little stations and baskets:)


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