Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to be Creative and not Scattered?!

 This is how I start...things are organized
and I focus on one creative medium...
And this is where I end up!
I have so many ideas and mediums to work with
and so many new things I want to learn
and new challenges on blogs I'm following,
that I end up with my craft table piled with
stuff and so many projects I can't decide what
to work on first.
In the process I never really excel at any
one thing...

Does it matter?
Or do I just be me and let
the creativity of each day
be my guide as to what project I
work on?


  1. We're kindred spirits Karen. I'm much like this too. I get an idea and get all excited about it, get all my supplies and then everything just sits and waits for me. I've got so many different things I want to try that I don't know where to begin. Over time, I've found that I eventually return to all those great ideas and actually do them. I vote for letting each day be your inspiration to your creativity! Lisa ;-)

  2. let it be and enjoy the process! thats what i do...and i find that the ideas flow when im not boxed in!

  3. Just be you! You do such a great job on so many different things. I'd love to have a craft room to be able to pull a ton of different things out at once:)


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