Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catalyst #127 "THRIVE"

The Catalyst # 127 over @ Creative Therapy
is to use some type of art medium to
show what your "word" for the year is...

This is my first attempt at collage and tho
it was fun I'm not sure its something
I will be doing a lot of. I have wanted
to try it so this was a good opp.

I chose the word THRIVE.
For so many years my life has been
marked by foot slogging survival,
and believe me it has not been easy
for one main reason! I am not a "just survival" sort
of person-I like to grow and be challenged and
live life very fully, but that all got derailed
for a lot of years.
A friend of mine asked me the
other day how I was doing and I said "surviving"
and she looked at me really intently and said
"When is the last time you were thriving?"
and then I knew what my word was for this year!
When I looked up the definition I loved that, it
was exactly the heart of what my prayers
and hopes for this year are.
And that doesn't mean
that there won't be hard days or trouble or
mountains to climb or valleys too dark to see in.
But I believe that when God says Jesus came
to give us abundant life, He meant what He said!
This blog is a really important element of my
efforts to thrive, as I like to keep it focused
on learning from others, pushing myself
to try new ideas, and growing as a person
through the many lives that intersect mine.


  1. I Love it! We all should seek to thrive a LOT more in all areas of our lives, from our daily lives to our walk as Christians. Thanks so much for the reminder. Oh & about your comment on my blog abt. doing organization as a business... It's in the works ;)

  2. karen i love this post..your collage is beautiful! whatever happens..its not the scars that matter but the heart! continue to thrive my friend! love ya!

  3. You are beautiful! I found your blog through A Creative Mint and am thrilled to find out that you love The Lord, and are from Oregon as well :)
    This post is so very encouraging and the conversation of thriving rather than striving has come up within my own mind {I converse with myself often in there...} God has so much for us! And He's not holding back from giving, so does that mean we hold back from taking. God spoke through you on this one and my heart is now longing to thrive all the more. Thank you for sharing this.
    ps. your collage is breathtaking.


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