Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ladder chandelier idea

Here is a great idea for all you decorating divas! This was in the Pottery Barn store down on 23rd. They have so many great ideas for Christmas Decor it can be dangerous to go in there!
This one looked fairly cost effective though to any one who has an old ladder, greens and large silver balls etc. (I did see some large silver balls at the Dollar Store!) It is an old wooden ladder, with fishing twine hanging down with either a topiary ball or silver ornament, and greens around the ladder. I'd love to see someone try it...Whispering Creek House?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas at the Pittock Mansion

It was "Moms Day Out" today so I took a drive up into the hills above Portland to the...
Pittock Mansion which is decorated for Christmas every year with a different theme. The Theme this year was Christmas Traditions. The Mansion was built in the 1800s by the original owner of the Oregonian. It is beautiful to tour any time of year, but I love it best at this Season.

Here is the Mansion done in gingerbread....

Each main room and bedroom has its own fireplace with special decorations to go with the rooms theme and at least one tree. The music room had three trees this year! A pianist was playing carols and I stood for a moment listening to the sounds and seeing the beauty and was swept over with a wave of Joy.
There are plenty of interesting toys and dolls so its a great place to take well behaved children :)

In several of the rooms outfits of that era are displayed, so you can imagine what the family wore during the holidays and the types of events they enjoyed.

My favorite room this year was the guest bedroom, with its vintage teddy bears, shoes, hats, gloves and feeling of peace in a changing world.

I highly recommend a tour if you have time this year. The house is open 11-4 every day until Christmas.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pilgrim Kitchen Duty

I wonder what the Pilgrim women thought that first Thanksgiving when the men came in to say "Oh, by the way we invited 50 Native Americans to celebrate with us and they brought a few deer along so could you just throw those on the fire too?" ! My first thought would've been "Oh, so I'm one of 6 women who survived a year in this God-forsaken place and now I have to cook for a bunch of smelly natives?! Thanks...ALOT!"

Just kidding (maybe) but I did just spend all day in the kitchen making pies and desserts, and its the day before the FEAST. More cooking tomorrow and I'm not even having the darn thing at my house...hmmm...I think this was another holiday that started as a day to Praise the Lord and ended up as kitchen duty. BUT I'm thankful I have such an abundance of ingredients to cook with and health to work hard all day, eyes to see, nose to smell the good things and taste buds to savor each bite. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and if any extra guests get invited over at the last never know you may be entertaining angels unaware!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thinking ahead!

I've been thinking ahead to the New Year and what direction I'd like my blog to take. At a recent scrapbook retreat I attended, some of the girls had a book that they use to challenge each other every month to do a certain idea or procedure in their scrapbooks. Do any of you know if there is anything like that for Blogging? Also have any of you seen the magazine called "Artful Blogging"? I saw it at the craft store and was really excited by some of the ideas and blog sites. These have been some of the most enjoyable hours I have spent these last months and I'm so glad Stephanie at the Whispering Creek House introduced me to the "Blogging World"! My son asked me (he's 14 :) "Why do you like blogging so much? Is it like scrapbooking or what?" That really struck a chord in me and I've thought about that a love for art, scrapbooking, writing, journaling, and getting to know people from the's all part of Blogging and Yes, thats why I like it so much! May each of you who have become a part of my life in this way be blessed for all the joy you have given me! Love you all!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Find Me In the River

Find me in the river Find me on my knees I've walked against the water
Now I'm waiting if you please
We've longed to see the roses

But never felt their thorns And bought our pretty crowns But never paid the price
Find me in the river Find me there
Find me on my knees with my soul laid bare

Even though you're gone and I'm cracked and dry find me in the river I'm waiting here

We didn't count on suffering We didn't count on pain
But if the blessings in the valley then in the river I will wait.

Find me in the river Find me there Find me on my knees with my soul laid bare...
I'm waiting here....for You.
By Delirious
written by Martin Smith

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Frou Frous

My very last project for the Artisan Fair is done...I found a site on line that tells you "how to..." do just about anything and thats where I found out how to make Tulle Skirts, so easy and fun and they always turn out so CUTE!
These are a few samples, but I have teal and blue, pink and fushia, creme etc. As I look around the room filled with stacks of pretty skirts, shirts, pants, flowers and tulle, I'm so glad I decided to spend the last month and some working on the Fair. Its been a good learning experience, I've made a lot of progress in sewing techniques, and grown in confidence. Those are things that can only be learned by trial and error!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Artisan Fairs Next Top Model

Here are my two top models for the Artisan Fair:) They began as muslin with faces painted on...
and then became "Poky" modeling a pink and black skirt, fur boots and a pink Santa hat...

And "Posy" modeling a dress, leggings and flowered head band...

Aren't they just so funny and cute? They are a special addition to the Polka dots and Posies line
and will help me to display my creations at the fair!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journey Perspectives

I am not my beginnings...they have only been the place my journey began...when I chose my pathway, it was mine to choose. I was only a shadow of who I came to be.
When the rivers were wide, there was always a place to stop and rest first, to gather up my resources and steady my fears. Only when I was ready was I asked to cross. The water may have been cold and the rocks slippery, but I always made it safely over.

I can walk on into the future, the great unknown, because the light that falls on my pathway makes the next bend in the road worth moving towards. I know that it is the way ahead that is the most important and the choice to walk on is mine alone. I am not my beginnings, I am the sure footed traveler with the Light behind me, the Life at my side and the Glory up ahead.
( this is dedicated to and inspired by my friend Stephanie at the Whispering Creek House and to all fellow travelers, who live in the Light.)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its all coming together now

All of the outfit sewing is finally done and I'm putting the finishing touches on some items.
I'm adding flowers to headbands so each outfit will have the option of a matching one. Also I picked up a few pairs of the cutest boots (just peeking out under her pants) that are black with pink fur:)

This skirt was made from the Bo Peep pattern, with an embellished shirt layered over a pair of the jean pantalets. I'd love to have Brielle model all of the line but she gets grumpy after the first couple, so I'll have to grab a few now and then.

This skirt has a tulle ruffle and a vest with pom pom fringe. I also layered it over a pair of white pantalets. The vest was so tiny it looked like a doll vest, but she fits it perfectly! I'm feeling energized after a week of being sick, so it looks like I'll be getting some other accessories done soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Matilda Jane

You've got to check out this website! Matilda Jane Clothing (also see side bar for complete address) I think they are on the same page as me with style for little girls and their clothing goes up to tween sizes too! Don't you just love the crazy combo of patterns and color? Love those velour pants with the ruffle...I bet they are soooo comfy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving decor 2008

After checking out the "The Whispering Creek" blog, (see side bar for address) I remembered how much fun it was to do Thanksgiving for 8 people last year not 80 like it sometimes is in our family! Don't get me wrong, I like family but it is nice to be able to set the table with real dishes and put some time into making it look special.
We were at a house in Central OR so I went with a western theme. The stars are actually Christmas Ornaments that I wrapped around the western napkins. I love my black bandana plates but rarely use them, so that was fun, but washing the dishes went on forever even with only 8 people! This year its back to a BIG group again, but lucky for me at my sister-in-laws home not mine!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just need to vent!
I am so sick of sewing! I keep thinking at the end of this next week the piles of cut out fabric is going to get smaller and it never does!! Then I know that next week is going to be so busy I probably won't get much done. I want to be done with all the outfits so I can do the fun stuff like hats and purses and extras! Actually the outfits were fun to start with too....oh well, maybe a few days off won't be a bad idea and then I'll be energized to get sewing again.