Sunday, November 1, 2009


Just need to vent!
I am so sick of sewing! I keep thinking at the end of this next week the piles of cut out fabric is going to get smaller and it never does!! Then I know that next week is going to be so busy I probably won't get much done. I want to be done with all the outfits so I can do the fun stuff like hats and purses and extras! Actually the outfits were fun to start with too....oh well, maybe a few days off won't be a bad idea and then I'll be energized to get sewing again.


  1. it does get frustrating! but you know even taking a day off would probably help! just figure what gets done gets done! lol your doing some great stuff!

  2. I agree with stephanie! take a day:) the stuff ive seen so far is adorable!

  3. take a couple days break!:) you still have lots of time:) i STRESSED the 1st year i did the artisan fair & now i've learned whatever i get done is enough:) so go put your feet up, read a good book or maybe have a massage?:) can't wait to see all you do!!!


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