Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its all coming together now

All of the outfit sewing is finally done and I'm putting the finishing touches on some items.
I'm adding flowers to headbands so each outfit will have the option of a matching one. Also I picked up a few pairs of the cutest boots (just peeking out under her pants) that are black with pink fur:)

This skirt was made from the Bo Peep pattern, with an embellished shirt layered over a pair of the jean pantalets. I'd love to have Brielle model all of the line but she gets grumpy after the first couple, so I'll have to grab a few now and then.

This skirt has a tulle ruffle and a vest with pom pom fringe. I also layered it over a pair of white pantalets. The vest was so tiny it looked like a doll vest, but she fits it perfectly! I'm feeling energized after a week of being sick, so it looks like I'll be getting some other accessories done soon.


  1. Super-duper cute! I need a girl to dress up =)

  2. Oh how CUTE!! I love the brown polka dot outfit! and your little model is too precious :o)


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