Thursday, November 12, 2009

Journey Perspectives

I am not my beginnings...they have only been the place my journey began...when I chose my pathway, it was mine to choose. I was only a shadow of who I came to be.
When the rivers were wide, there was always a place to stop and rest first, to gather up my resources and steady my fears. Only when I was ready was I asked to cross. The water may have been cold and the rocks slippery, but I always made it safely over.

I can walk on into the future, the great unknown, because the light that falls on my pathway makes the next bend in the road worth moving towards. I know that it is the way ahead that is the most important and the choice to walk on is mine alone. I am not my beginnings, I am the sure footed traveler with the Light behind me, the Life at my side and the Glory up ahead.
( this is dedicated to and inspired by my friend Stephanie at the Whispering Creek House and to all fellow travelers, who live in the Light.)

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  1. Karen I am crying my eyes out here! I started reading this post and I got the goosebumps and became teary eyed because I thought Wow this is so me and it is beautiful! I thank God for you today! Because when I got to the end of this post and seen you dedicated it to me I felt so very loved by God and by you! My friend you are so special to me and May God bless your spirit today and always!I love you! Stephanie


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