Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pilgrim Kitchen Duty

I wonder what the Pilgrim women thought that first Thanksgiving when the men came in to say "Oh, by the way we invited 50 Native Americans to celebrate with us and they brought a few deer along so could you just throw those on the fire too?" ! My first thought would've been "Oh, so I'm one of 6 women who survived a year in this God-forsaken place and now I have to cook for a bunch of smelly natives?! Thanks...ALOT!"

Just kidding (maybe) but I did just spend all day in the kitchen making pies and desserts, and its the day before the FEAST. More cooking tomorrow and I'm not even having the darn thing at my house...hmmm...I think this was another holiday that started as a day to Praise the Lord and ended up as kitchen duty. BUT I'm thankful I have such an abundance of ingredients to cook with and health to work hard all day, eyes to see, nose to smell the good things and taste buds to savor each bite. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and if any extra guests get invited over at the last never know you may be entertaining angels unaware!

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