Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thanksgiving decor 2008

After checking out the "The Whispering Creek" blog, (see side bar for address) I remembered how much fun it was to do Thanksgiving for 8 people last year not 80 like it sometimes is in our family! Don't get me wrong, I like family but it is nice to be able to set the table with real dishes and put some time into making it look special.
We were at a house in Central OR so I went with a western theme. The stars are actually Christmas Ornaments that I wrapped around the western napkins. I love my black bandana plates but rarely use them, so that was fun, but washing the dishes went on forever even with only 8 people! This year its back to a BIG group again, but lucky for me at my sister-in-laws home not mine!


  1. Karen this is too cute!! do you have more pics?

  2. the sheriff's star is very unique. i really, really like it. i'm off to read more of your lovely blog.


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