Friday, November 13, 2009

Artisan Fairs Next Top Model

Here are my two top models for the Artisan Fair:) They began as muslin with faces painted on...
and then became "Poky" modeling a pink and black skirt, fur boots and a pink Santa hat...

And "Posy" modeling a dress, leggings and flowered head band...

Aren't they just so funny and cute? They are a special addition to the Polka dots and Posies line
and will help me to display my creations at the fair!


  1. what cute dolls! Will you be selling them to or are they just for "modeling"?

  2. those are adorable karen:) what a cute idea for your top models:D & yes i def have the second guessing going on too! i just have to keep reminding myself that i'm doing this for fun:) & i'll have a lot of gifts for all next yr if i don't sell:) i am constantly squinting at my stuff trying to figure out if i saw it on someone elses table would i buy it?:D

  3. o duh! and i forgot to say HOW absolutely gorgeous your stuff WILL sell!! if i had a baby girl i would buy it all:D (the code i had to fill in for my last comment was 'console':D think maybe thats alittle hint for us?!.. it will all be good;D)


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