Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas on the Porches

It is so fun to do up a porch for 
the Christmas Season,
and I have 2:)

Right after I finished decorating the weather dropped
into the teens and the water froze in my
antique canning jars and they all broke:(

Funny story for my sister Faith...
I was out in the ditches again cutting branches
and berries. I was in the mud and water so deep
that I was kind of wondering how I was going to get
out. Just then the mail man pulled up, stopped
and asked "do you want to be in that ditch
or are you stuck?!"
I quickly said "no, I'm ok!" and he drove off
shaking his head, I just laughed
and laughed thinking of how crazy I must've looked.
(see post)
Up to my boot tops


  1. :) . Funny about the ditch. Nothing quite like the ditches in Clark County! I LOVE the "We celebrate Jesus" sign.

  2. Bahahahahaha ... Giggling again about the ditch story(s) just like I did when i borrowed your rubber boots when I was there. PS: Love the porch and YOU! Hope it helps get and keep you in the spirit. Faith

  3. Love it, Karen! The porches and the story! And you!


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