Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Gift

When we have been around the Bible
and it's wonder all our lives,
we sometimes become jaded and familiar
with its stories.
Sad, but true, for we have been
graced with the opportunity
to immerse in it like very few do in our
fallen world.

Every year at Christmas I ask
God to please help me to see it fresh
and new again, this old, old story,
and each year He gives me
what I have asked.
This year it was through a brand new
Christian, who came to know Jesus
two weeks ago!
Her observations and questions
about Christmas and its' story
brought a spark of light into
the season for me.
She saw in it's simple words
profound truths, 
which she stated very bluntly with no 
flowery "church speak".
In Joseph and Mary and their visions/dreams
she saw faith lived out.
In the shepherds how unmerited grace truly is. 
In the Wise men she saw foolishness
that they would actually go ask King Herod!

In their gifts she saw why we give gifts at 
Christmas time,
and in the flight to Egypt she saw
the liberation of Israel from slavery there.

Let us too bow down and worship with fresh
and simple faith that does not have to develop
over time but is whole from the moment we
realize that Christ is a gift to us personally!

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  1. It does help to get a fresh perspective on things. Kids so often do that for us, too!


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