Thursday, October 3, 2013

Up to My Boot Tops in Water and Praise

Yesterday there was a short break 
in the drenching rain we've had for the 
last weeks and I suddenly knew 
where I was headed!
To the ditch!
This time of year is when I go foraging
for fall berries and stems to dry
for use in arrangements.
So I put on my rubber boots
and into the ditch I went,
which was so full of water it almost
went over my boot tops.
 As cars drive past and everyone
stares in consternation as to what a crazy 
lady is doing down in a ditch with 
a pair of clippers-I am in a moment of praise.
Here is where I feel so moved by 
God's creation, the color, the bounty,
the glory of His hand moving over land
and water to end a season in a blaze of
joy just as He begins each season.
I went joyfully splashing about
until my car "boot" was full to bursting:)

And then home to make my porches full of glory too,
and just in time as the rain began again.
It also helps to have new purple rain boots:)


  1. I decided many years ago if there is so much mud one must wear boots then let them be red ones! Purple is delightful and of course, royal.

  2. Can just see it :)))))))) Faith

  3. Joyful! I have black rain boots with cherries on them! I'm still looking for the perfect pink pair. :) I love your porch, perhaps I shall go swamping for some beautiful fall things with the kids and try to decorate too.


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