Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tent Awning 101

I just spent 3 blissful days
camping by a very safe
state park near a local town.
I had prepared with several projects
before I went so I really had my
tent feeling cozy and pretty.
The first thing I knew I wanted was an
awning in front of my tent.
I found a queen flat sheet in a nice
stripe at a garage sale for $2
and that is what I used.
First I put 2 grommets in the fabric where I wanted
the poles to go, then I put sand in a large jar
and the jar in a metal bucket. This is
what the poles went into for stability.
I put a nail in the top of each pole and the grommets 
went over that and then 2 ends were tied on to tent
and the pole side was tied down with 
rope and tent pegs. It stayed up nicely the whole time
and provided a good shade in the 90* weather.


  1. Love it and love that you're venturing off on your own doing "new" things. You're the bomb !!! Love ya - Faith

  2. I have been thinking about doing this from two trees in the back yard. Now I know how to do the poles on the other end. :)

  3. Very neat! Someday we'll have to camp in style like this . . . when we don't have a bunch of little kids running in and out of the tent:)


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