Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Literary Walk #13

 Walk around Juniper Hill and Fringford
10 miles
with Flora Thompson

Lark Rise to Candleford 
is a 3 part semi-autobiographical account
of Flora's life in the English Countryside
before the industrial world began to expand.
If you love nature and the beauty of 
small villages you will love her writing.
I would classify it as a "love song"
to a bygone era.

Favorite quote
"Nearer at hand were the trees and 
bushes and wild-flower patches beside the path 
she had trodden daily. 
The pond where the yellow brandyball waterlilies grew, 
the little birch thicket where the long-tailed tits
 had congregated, the boathouse where she had sheltered
 from the thunderstorm and seen the rain plash
 like leaden bullets into the leaden water, 
 and the hillock beyond from which
 she had seen the perfect rainbow.
 She was never to see any of these again
 but she was to carry a mental picture of them,
 to be recalled at will, through 
the changing scenes of a lifetime.
As she went on her way, 
gossamer threads, spun from bush to bush,
 barricaded her pathway, 
and as she broke through one after another
 of these fairy barricades she thought
 "They're trying to bind and keep me."
But the threads which were to bind her
 to her native county were more enduring than gossamer.
They were spun of love and kinship
 and cherished memories."

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  1. So glad you got to walk through Floras spider webs!


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