Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Story of A Table

Once upon a time, in the past,
not so far back that it can't be remembered,
a young girl bought a table.
The money she had earned was 
very precious to her and so 
when she went to the thrift store to
make her purchase, she never
forgot the day.
She painted it and added a fabric skirt
and it became her very first real piece of
furniture that no one else had bought.

Many years passed and the girl became a 
wife, a mom, Grannie and great Grannie.
Every time she visited at her aging parents
home she saw the table in the closet
and wished she could ship it to her home
but it wasn't really worth shipping 3000 miles.
Then the parents were both gone and the 
house was being emptied.
The owner of the table looked at it longingly
and told the story to her sisters
who were helping go through the lifetime
of memories.
The table was given to a sister instead,
with the honor of refinishing it and selling it.
When she began to strip off the top 
 she found 4 layers of
wallpaper spanning many styles
and decades.
When the table was finally stripped and cleaned
it got a new coat of paint and a pretty knob.

Then a new era of the tables' story came to be.
Another girl wanted to have it
and so it was given to her as a birthday surprise.

This girl is the first girls only brothers' daughter.
So it was not given away to a stranger,
but only went to stay now in the same family
but a different house.
And the Girl who was resides at 
while the Girl who is resides at

 In our family the Girl who was
is the story teller so this story is told
to honor her many gifts
and to share a little piece of her life. 


  1. I love the story and how you wrote it up:) I think you're a story teller, too!!

  2. Oh, Karen. I am laughing and crying at the same time! Thank you. Thank you! It looks absolutely beautiful, and I coouldn,t think of a better person to have it! You are the best!

  3. Love the story! And I'm loving the desk already!! :)

  4. Awe that's just so cool. How many years it sat in the walk in closet in "my bedroom" at mom and dad's covered up and surrounded with stuff. Can't believe how beautiful it turned out and so happy Ms Aimee gets it !!! Faith

  5. Old furniture and old houses, they reach out with their unique, timeworn character that only love and years can impart. There's life in them, and if they could only "come alive" oh! the stories they'd tell. I think this table felt true care from the Girl who was, even when the years brought distance, 'cause true care from the heart transcends both time and distance, we know. You have done a great job perking up a lovely piece and I am so glad the Girl from The Raggedy Garden knows her table will continue to be well-loved by AJ in the family. You've written the story of the table so well there's no need of THE END because its life goes on...:) Admiringly, Cella

  6. oh Karen this is precious! What a wonderful gift & I think my momma & Amie look alike with those dimples! Blessings on you!


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