Friday, July 5, 2013

Glamping 2013

After all the projects were done
and the tent was put up I settled in for 
a relaxing and beautiful time at camp.
My tent bed was bliss to sleep in and 
my little dressing table and mirror area
created a really usable tent to actually
"live" in instead of just sleep:)
 I used a light at night to read with- not a
lantern- which was so much nicer for 
eyes that don't work so great anymore.
 I actually extended my stay one night since
I was enjoying it all so thoroughly and
my kids and grands joined me for supper
and the evening too.
Can't wait to go again and explore another campground
after the new grand is born and before the summer
vanishes. If anyone is interested in glamping
I highly recommend garage sales and reusing
non camping items to make usable at camp.


  1. This is just adorable, KAren! I love it!

  2. Wow, that sounds like fun! Maybe someday....

  3. K maybe tenting doesn't sound so bad after seeing these photos! I love it! If there is a camping magazine these photos should be on the cover:)

  4. Oh me oh my!
    You are a girl after my VERY OWN heart.
    I love it...
    I love you, you're a gem.

    This take on camping, a dream come true.


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