Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Glamping At Champoeg

I found the perfect campground for a history
buff like myself and glamped there 
for a few nights.
Champoeg State Park in Oregon
is the site of:
First-Native Americans who 
canoed the Willamette River,
carefully preserved the environment,
farmed and fished, hurting no one...
Second- came the French-Canadians
who also used the waterway as a way to transport furs,
married into the local tribes and settled there
in what is called "French Prairie".
 Last- came the British traders and American Pioneers
with their wagons and home building and town planning.

When they were all flooded out of the town in the 1860's
the area became what it is today, a national monument
to an American story.

The townsite with street markers still lies quiet and still
beneath the Prairie sod and brilliant sky.
I walked along the many paths and trails and felt the 
real essence of those who traveled there in times past.
It's that prickly feeling on the back of your neck
as you imagine the quiet moccasins padding past,
the low voices speaking french, the jingle of harness
and swish of canoe paddle as the river flows 
silently by the foot paths.

Raggedy Garden, I found some history too!
You inspired me to go looking in my own neck
of the woods:)

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  1. I had a feeling you were out glamping somewhere! Looks like a beautiful spot. I just love that delicious feeling of being in another time!


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