Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When Love Isn't Enough

As Valentines Day nears and all around
I see the hearts and "I love you" candy, 
I feel like it is time to address a very
personal issue that I have never 
spoken of in exact words on this blog.

Someone I love is an addict.

It is the most heart breaking thing
I have ever experienced, much harder than
 deaths of those I love.
Because when you love someone who
is in bondage to a substance,
Love isn't enough to save them
from it...
you can love someone with all you are 
and have, giving 150% to a relationship
and think that love will conquer all.
It does not.
For 10 years I thought love was enough
to change the direction of this person's life
and that if I just tried harder to love
in different ways then the battle would be won.
It is not won.

But what I have found is that the
 Love of Christ 
can give me what I need to live,
forgive, love from a distance,
care for others and even laugh 
and grow despite everything!
God's love is always enough.

And if the addict never changes,
I know it's not because I didn't love
enough, its because they
are not willing to love them self enough
to fully surrender
to the all encompassing
that rules both earth and heaven.


  1. Oh, Karen! I have no words of balm; but it's evident you know THE ONE who can and does give! I can only thank God you're able to experience His true LOVE! May your heart be filled with comfort and unbounding LOVE from the lover of your soul as you go through this season and all the days ahead! I love you friend!

  2. That is so interesting that you posted this now-we just listened to a sermon of your Dad's (there wasn't a date on it but his voice was strong and clear) where he spoke of this very issue. Keep praying and we're praying for you too!

  3. SO sorry Karen. Yes, those kinds of things are much harder than the death of a Christian loved one! ((hugs)) With Prayers and Love, Missy

  4. Continued prayers for you and yours!


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