Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Literary Walk #7

A walk with Dorothy Sayers
15 miles
Around London

 Bloomsbury square

Dorothy Sayers was a mystery writer
who eventually went on to write
Christian books when she came to know Christ
I have only read her mysteries.

Favorite Character:
Lord Peter Wimsey
He is the detective with a great sense
of humor and a very persistent nature
especially when pursuing Harriet Vane
his future wife.

Favorite Quote:
"Oh, by the way--I don't positively repel you
or anything like that, do I?
Because, if I do, I'll take my name off the 
waiting- list at once."
"No" said Harriet Vane, kindly and a little
sadly. "No you don't repel me."
"I don't remind you of white slugs or
make you go goose-flesh all over?"
"Certainly not."
"I'm glad of that. Any minor alteration,s
like parting the old mane, or growing
a tooth brush, or cashiering the eye-glass
you know, I should be happy to undertake,
if it suited your ideas."
..."I'm not trying to black mail you into matrimony
you know. I mean, I should investigate this for 
the fun of the thing, whatever happened
don't you see."
"It's very good of you--"
"No not at all. It's my hobby. Not proposing 
to people, I don't mean but investigating things.
Well, cheer-frightfully-ho and all that."

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  1. Hi Karen!

    Your Lord Peter Wimsey quotes remind me of my favorite British book character, Bertie Wooster, from P.G. Wodehouse's "Jeeves" books (also the BBC series, "Jeeves & Wooster"). So Which Dorothy Sayers' novels would you recommend I start with? :o)



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